Lost my money on metamask

lost my money on metamask

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Is there a way to search an account using oj hub address. Sorry for such a negative report. From etherscan, I wish I had known where to get support before that all happened. Same case here. Well, the must difficult is that until now I have no ideia how I was stolen.

PARAGRAPHI opened Etherscan and was able to confirm that my tokens were tranfered to the following address: 0xcfdcbeaffD92be. EvaChen August 23, pm 3? Maahari Lost my money on metamask 20, it was transferred to 0x74aeaacbd7af0a Consider your token lost and move on. If it is estable and safe. I have never had even remotely this kind of problem and it makes me paranoid about using MM link again.

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Restore Missing Coins and Tokens on Metamask in Minutes
I've had the same unauthroised activity on my account. I lost hundreds of thousands that was in my wallet. MM have not responded to any emails. How do I get funds (digital currency) into MetaMask? You can easily buy tokens directly within Lost my Secret Recovery Phrase: Can I restore my wallet? Steps for Recovery Firstly, victims need to report their losses to Metamask and then initiate the investigation. Secondly, Metamask's customer.
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