Learn how to effectively use your entire body to create power on your serve

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Use Your Body Not Your Arm To Create Massive Power.

How would you like to have the biggest serve at your club, your league, or your tournaments? Like many players, I was using too much of my arm and not my entire body to generate power. By copying the technique of the pros, I learned to hit big serves with little effort, over and over again.

Module #1 Load Phase

In this section we discuss the use of the knees, hips and shoulders, shaping the body like a bow, shoulder angle, proper trophy positioning and correct ball toss in order to "load" massive energy to be unleashed upon the ball.

Module #2 Explode Phase

In this section we show you how to use the stored energy with the racquet drop and drop to upswing, using the legs, proper positioning of the chest and head, and proper swing finish.

Module #3 Bonus Material

Here we give you additional free videos to help you maintain your massive serve involving pronation, rotation, and tricep exercises.

Full Course Contents.

Here's a break-down of the contents of our exclusive massive serve course.

  • Stance & preparation.
  • Knee bend, and hips and shoulder turn.
  • Shape like a bow & arrow, and shoulder angle.
  • Proper trophy positioning & ball toss.
  • Racquet drop & drop to upswing technique.
  • Properly using the legs, chest and head, and finishing the swing correctly.
  • Bonus material to help build up your new massive serve!
  • 17 videos in all! Valued at $910

One of the best and most detailed breakout of the perfect serve motion. Well done!

James M.
James M.

Your videos have helped me immensely with every part of my tennis game so far, now time for serves´╗┐.

Thomas T.
Thomas T.

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