The Pinpoint Accuracy Fallacy

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This is our first audio podcast! Thank you for listening.
You may have heard instructors teach how to hit your groundstrokes with pinpoint accuracy. I’m of the opinion that this is unnecessary and you should focus more on your consistency and setting up patterns in your points.

Pros setup points and don’t go for lines.

Roll the ball deep to the add side. Then roll short angle to the deuce side opening up the add side again for easy put away.

Neutralize – Control your opponent by stretching them out wide with a short ball or even a deep ball. Then take command of the rally.

Dominate – Hurt your opponent by working off a pattern once you neutralize them by keeping them off balance, the reply may be a short ball in the center of the court you can continue to dominate with one or more shots and move to the close phase.

Close – Finish the point with a hit to a large target area minimizing risk as your opponent is stretched so far off court they are unable to move to the ball. No need to hit a overly hard ball or aim for the lines.